Tell These Corporations: Stop Supporting Conservatives Trying to Undermine Democracy

Even after Donald Trump encouraged a violent attack on our U.S. Capitol and democracy, Minnesota conservatives refuse to hold him accountable and continue to repeat dangerous, unproven election claims.

Minnesota conservative Representatives Pete Stauber, Jim Hagedorn, Tom Emmer, and Michelle Fischbach all voted against impeaching Trump for inciting an insurrection. And they've spread lies and conspiracies about the outcome of the election.

Reps. Stauber, Hagedorn, Emmer, and Fischbach have failed to take responsibility for emboldening Trump and his supporters, and still refuse to condemn unproven election claims. 

They need to be held accountable.

Corporations across the U.S. have suspended donations to congresspeople who have been working to undermine the will of the people and overturn the results of the presidential election.

We need to demand that corporations - including Best Buy, US Bank, Delta, and Comcast - that support Reps. Stauber, Hagedorn, Emmer, and Fischbach stop supporting them and their attempts to sabotage the election and our democracy. 

We’ve gathered all the emails for the top leaders at these companies.

We need to flood their emails and demand that they end their support for conservatives who have tried to overturn the democratic will of the people. 

All you need to do is copy and paste the emails into the "to" line, then copy and paste the email text into the subject line and body of the email, and hit send.  If your brower supports it, you can click here to open your email application! Feel free to personalize it as well!


Subject: Stop Supporting MN Conservatives Trying to Undermine Democracy

Body Text:


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