PETITION: demand that conservatives put worker safety ahead of corporate profits


    Tell Minnesota Senate conservative leadership to prioritize worker safety and pass HF2774

    Corporations like Amazon have raked in billions of dollars in the last year. But their profits aren't the only thing on the rise. 

    An increasing number of Minnesota warehouse workers–like those who work at Amazon facilities–are suffering injuries on the job. Meanwhile, conservatives are refusing to hold corporations accountable for failing to keep their employees safe. 

    Progressives in the Minnesota House of Representatives passed HF2774: a measure that would empower workers and keep large corporations from skirting workplace safety laws. But the bill faces an uphill battle in the Senate. 

    Sign our petition to demand that Minnesota Senate conservatives put worker safety ahead of corporate profits. 

    Amazon made $33.36 billion in profit in 2021. They don't need to work employees to their breaking point, but they're doing it anyway. We have to stand up to corporate greed and demand that conservatives finally start to hold corporations accountable.