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Keep ALEC out of MinnesotaIn 2012 we finally kicked ALEC--the shadowy corporate lobbying group that influences conservative legislators and legislation--out of all majorities in Minnesota. Since then we've had a legislature that has invested in education and protected working Minnesotans. We need to keep it that way. Pledge to keep ALEC and their influence out of Minnesota.

Take the Pledge:

In 2012 we told ALEC and their corporate legislator friends to hit the road and we meant it.

A few years ago they had a huge influence on the Republican-controlled legislature. The MNGOP tried to pass numerous ALEC corporate-backed bills to erode our public education, attack working families and take away our voting rights.

On today's National Day of Action against ALEC, we're in a totally different position. We kicked ALEC and their legislator friends to the curb in favor of a legislature that works for working Minnesotans.

We love the progress we've made without them and know there's more to do. That's why we're committed to keeping ALEC's influence out of Minnesota. 

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    Subject: Keep ALEC Out of Minnesota!
    I just signed a pledge to make sure ALEC and their shadowy corporate lobbyists and legislator friends stay out of power in Minnesota. Please join me in protecting a legislature that works for working Minnesotans.