Tell Scott Jensen: we won't let you take away our reproductive rights


    Scott Jensen: Minnesota won't accept your attacks on safe, legal abortion. 

    For nearly 50 years, the 1973 decision on Roe v. Wade protected our right to reproductive freedom in the United States. But that's all over now. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and now abortion laws are left up to the states.

    Here in Minnesota, our right to a safe, legal abortion is still protected. But not if conservative gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen has anything to say about it. 

    Scott Jensen wants to ban abortion in Minnesota without any exceptions for rape or incest. And he even supports a Texas-style law that bans abortion as early as six weeks, criminalizes abortion, allows strangers to collect $10,000 for reporting women who have abortions, and fines or arrests doctors who perform abortions.

    We won't accept that. 

    Sign our petition to condemn Scott Jensen's attacks on our reproductive rights.