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Listen to Rep. Andrea Kieffer's Shocking Comments, Then Sign Our Petition

Rep. Andrea Kieffer told advocates at a hearing for a portion of the Women's Economic Security Act--a bill that works to give women the same opportunities in Minnesota's economy as men--that they were making women seem like "whiners."

We don't think so.

Sign our petition to Rep. Kieffer telling her there is nothing "whiny" about fair pay and a fair chance for women in Minnesota.

Tell Rep. Andrea Kieffer:

I don't believe that pointing out women don't get equal pay for equal work is "whining." I support the Women's Economic Security Act. Women deserve an equal shot in Minnesota's economy.
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    Subject: working for fair pay is "whiny"?

    I just listened to shocking comments by Rep. Andrea Kieffer, who said that advocates for the Women's Economic Security Act--fair pay and other important measures--make women seem like "whiners."

    Will you join me in signing this petition to Rep. Kieffer, and support the Women's Economic Security Act in Minnesota?